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Other reviews we’ve received from quilters:

C.T. in Calgary…

I did sew all my squares together on Tuesday night – they went together sooooo fast. I love this way of quilting. I’m going to do the actual quilting of the squares this weekend (I can’t wait).Thanks again.


From Julie E…

I just bought Crazy Shortcut Quilts this weekend and I absolutely love it! I’ve read it cover to cover, which I have to tell you is unusual for me. I usually just dive in and figure it out on the fly.


I thought I’d share some pictures with you and Sarah on my first attempt at making one on the quilts in your book. I’m sure it won’t be the last. I had a blast!



From Jennifer N. ..

I love your book!

From Heather N. …

I just finished reading the book and can’t wait to start my first project.


Posted on her blog, by Deanna:
Well I found this really great book on quilts from the library. It is Crazy Shortcut Quilts, and I absolutely love it. I decided that I love the idea so much that I might use inspiration from the book to make one or two of my Christmas list gifts.

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