Comfort and Ergonomics

I’m passionate about this subject! My very first videos on YouTube were about my “cheap sewing and quilting table” that I’d created out of self defense.

I had to make eight quilts in eight weeks and the pain was getting to me. I tried so many solutions over the years, including having a table custom built for me, to my own specifications and I was till in pain. One day, as I was looking over our endless home improvements, I spotted the blue board (what I’ve always called rigid foam insulation) and said “aha!”.

I created a custom sewing table for about $100 and finished my quilts. Then a friend talked me into making a video and posting it to YouTube. In three years it’s gotten 100,000 views. So, I wrote a book about it too, and that’s selling quite well on Amazon.

Here’s my problem: too many quilters don’t even acknowledge the pain until they have injured themselves and need surgery!

Please watch the videos and take a good look at your space, your habits, your body and your aches. If you shoulder hurts, your cutting table might be too low. If your neck hurts, I can almost guarantee that your sewing machine table is too high. You should be looking DOWN at it – not straight. If your sewing machine is sitting on a kitchen table, I CAN guarantee that it’s too high, unless you are 6’2″ tall. Please, for your own body’s sake, reevaluate your positioning and seek solutions, and they don’t have to be expensive.

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