Eye Candy & Inspiration

Quilters, I am not sure what you call it, but when I find a blog that makes me just scroll up and down, over and over, discovering something new, exciting and beautiful, I call that “eye candy”.

This blog is in Spanish, and was brought to my attention by my new friend Rita, who emailed me to tell me how much she likes my videos 🙂

Please check out Twinkle Patchwork if you are looking for something new, or just want a “pretty things” show. If you want to read it, and have Google translate the Spanish to English, consider downloading the Google Translator Toolbar – I love it and use it to help me communicate in several languages because I get comments on my videos from all over the world! Or, you can use this translation page to draft a message and then translate it to another language, which I sometimes do.

Either way, enjoy the site and if you like, comment and say “Hola” to Rita and that Marguerita sent you 😉