Audrey’s Corner

I just finished carrying what I hope is the last bit of extra special quilting necessities (translates to years of accumulated quilting stuff) upstairs to the new studio.

audreys-cornerAudrey is coming this weekend and her corner of the studio is all ready for her.  The high shelves (put up last night) hold most of my sorted scraps (there’s a huge bucket of unsorted too) and the grey metal shelves hold books and magazines I use in teaching.  Plus Audrey’s stuff.

The piece of board with the huge clips has a bit of batting and white fabric that Audrey is coloring and sticking bits of fabric to.  I bought a new product this week and I hope to try it out with her this weekend.  We are going to try our hands at art quilting!  I’ll try and turn the video camera on but no guarantees – she likes to get behind it 🙂  {Grandma thinks she’s a future producer!!  Yay!}  LOL

Check back Tuesday for the recap and please have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

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  1. donna says:

    hey, not used to the new site, but i am getting there. Oh the good ole bucket list. It is amazing what happens after a certain point in your life. Age, being a cancer survivor, things change on your thoughts and what is important or not.

  2. Fern Reed says:

    Looking forward to your blog about your week-end! Also your e mail. Ferne

  3. Audrey says:

    Well, look here another Audrey…lol…hi lil Audrey, hope you had fun with grandma, I bet she had fun with you, keep on creating…lol…

  4. Martha says:

    When Breana gets upstairs to my sewing room, she is content for hours. “Oh, Aunt Marta, I need to pold your pabric!” And fold fabric she does.