What a Great Day!

tripTom and I drove to Homer today (and back) about a 340 mile trip, to get things for the boat.  Fishing season is almost here and he has been working on the boat daily.  On the way there I saw the most beautiful drake in a pond, several moose, many eagles, a few run down cabins I’ve never seen before (we are between snow and leaves, where you can see far into the woods alongside the road).  In Homer we cruised the boatyard (always fun!) and found Chris Perry, skipper of the F/V Lucky Star, a 42′ Ledford that is amost a mirror image of Tom’s F/V Dolly B.  We chatted with Chris for a while.  He was in the boatyard mending his seine.

Then it was off to Katchemak Gear Shed where we spend about 2 1/2 hours rounding up the things he needed.  We had an excellent helper from the shop at every step or else it would have taken 7 hours!

On the way back I saw 3 moose together, which I’ve never seen before (lived here 31 years!) AND a black bear – – all along the side of the road!  Okay, here’s where I apologize but Tom was driving 55-60, with traffic going both directions on the narrow two lane highway.  There was no way I could get pics of *any* of it  🙁         I sure wish I could have.  The Kittiwakes are back and the Canadian Geese, but I haven’t seen a swan yet.  There’s been a bad fire in the Homer area and as we were leaving Homer, it poured rain.  Hallelujah!

We talked about our bucket lists and both figured that we each have 1 goal and then 1 desire, and they are not all that dissimilar.  Mine is to get a novel (or three) published and his is to build up his retirement fund, which took a few unexpected hits.  After that we both agree that we want to travel.  A lot.  S l o w l y  🙂

Did you have a great day today too?  And what’s on your bucket list?  We both agree that we have no “mountains to climb” but he wouldn’t stop asking me if I’d like to ride a bike across the country.  How many times do I have to say NO WAY!  LOL  🙂