Meet Susan Wilcox Ingersoll

We live at opposite ends of the North American continent. She’s from New Brunswick, Canada and she’s an organic soapmaker and entrepreneur. We’ve emailed a few times, starting with this conversation about the decorative stitch quilting process: I received Crazy Shortcut Quilts for Christmas and am enjoying the book greatly so far. I am working […] Read more »

Is it spring yet?

This is the second halibut boat I’ve seen leaving the bay today. It’s warm (for Seward) 37 degrees or so. The snow is melting and the bunnies are usually waiting for me on the doorstep when I get home from work. I am working on moving things around (spring fever?) and cleaning and sorting stuff. Read more »

Your Way

I just watched a video of a quilter who insisted a quilting technique is bad and wrong and doesn’t make any sense. BLEH. This “video quilt show wanna-be” has been quilting for just a couple of years, at best. I’ve been machine quilting, teaching, professionally quilting and been published for fifteen years – and I […] Read more »

Teach Crazy Shortcut Quilt Classes in Your Town!

I really want to share our success with you, Crazy Shortcut quilters who enjoy making these quilts, and who would enjoy teaching this method in classes at your local quilt shops, community schools, sewing centers, guilds or privately. I invite you to teach Crazy Shortcut Quilting! I’ve spent a major portion of the spring and […] Read more »

Outside work & inside retreat

This weekend finds us outside finishing some work on the house before it gets too cold. Thankfully it’s gorgeous and warm and we hope to get a lot done My friend Susan Round is having a quilting retreat on her blog this weekend. Stop on by and check out her group and their works and […] Read more »


Are you a member of a weight loss or fitness group? I have been watching my pal Laura and her progress on Spark People and I just joined today. I am almost obese according to their numbers but what’s worse than that is that I look and feel like blended Jell-O in stretched skin. I’ve […] Read more »

Robbed by Skype

Stolen: half a month’s bandwidth at $65/month!! Sarah, Audrey and I keep trying to find easier ways to stay in touch. We bought webcams and have tried Yahoo!, Google Talk and then Skype. Then Tom got the monthly cable bill and we were charged for a humungous amount of usage. We went looking and found […] Read more »