Bunny Update

My friend Ferne reminded me that I haven’t posted about the bunnies lately – thanks for the reminder Ferne! We have more bunnies.  Our neighbors called a few weeks ago and said that they were rescuing some baby bunnies that had been separated from their mother by someone who traps the rabbits and takes them […] Read more »

New Roof for the House!

Ever have a project that you’ve known you had to do but dreaded, for years? Today’s the day for the house and for Tom. He’s postponed, drafted re-designs, fixed leaks, patched bad areas and finally, today, the roof is coming off and new one going on. He’s been gathering materials for months, cutting wood, ordering […] Read more »

My Sewing Studio

Right now my studio is a 9′ x 11′ bedroom and I share it with a very spoiled pet rabbit. The rabbit doesn’t live in a cage, he goes wherever he wants in the house and he believes that the room belongs to him. He lets me in for a while but if I stay […] Read more »

Spring Cleaning!

We are at it again! This is part of the ongoing saga of a small (poorly insulated) house in Alaska and my never ending love of changing things. It is only slightly quilting related because I *may* be moving my quilting stuff to another part of the house soon (as in: out of the living […] Read more »

The sky is falling

In thick white chunks! LOL Look at this poor Sitka Rose, still blooming in this early snowfall. Actually, this isn’t our first snow, it snowed yesterday but didn’t stick. Looks like it’s going to stay today… Read more »

The Kitchen Floor, Revisited

I am developing a strong determination to see the end of this project. Here’s what a pile of floor looks like afterabout 2 hours of scraping. While I am working on it, Idream of the quilts I want to make. A lot of times bunnycomes out and sits with me. He likes that green towel […] Read more »

Under the stairs, part 2

Except for the trim work and organizing the shelves, this project is done! Instead of a deep, dark closet, we have an open, accessible storage area with most of the heavy things on rollers! (That was Tom’s idea.)The large white shelf that is where the doorway used to be is on rollers, the big 4-drawer […] Read more »

Storage space under the stairs

Well, the old 8 foot pool table is *GONE*! I can hardly believe it. Sometimes I go downstairs just to check that it really is gone! The pool room is cleaned up and clear of clutter, with new barstools – nice! Tom is going to build a small table to complement the barstools – we […] Read more »

The Kitchen Floor

We are stripping out an old vinyl kitchen floor. By hand. Inch by inch, layer by layer, using chisels and a 2″ metal scraper, on our hands & knees. The vinyl is anywhere on the older side of 25 years and is so worn that it only comes off in layers – I’ll post some […] Read more »