Great Homemade Table

I was browsing the creations at Instructables and I found this great table. If you have space in your sewing room for a free standing table (or even if it were pushed into a corner) this looks like a wonderful table for cutting and (with a pressing mat) maybe even pressing yardage. I want one! […] Read more »


My favorite color is green. I found a green batting at Spring Quilt Market, it’s green because it’s made from recycled soda pop bottles! Sarah bought a case of it and I’m going to get a batt from her to use. Sarah spent a significant amount of time at Market looking for organics and other […] Read more »

Quilt Room Photo

I just love having a cutting table that I can stand at and walk around! Sarah gave me this table and I use it all the time. The other thing that I really like is the pegboard that hangs next to it. I have the table shoved into a corner (no wobbling) and my rulers, […] Read more »

Quilt Photography

I have a good set up for hanging small quilts for photography. It’s a rolling clothing rack (about $12 at Walmart) and yards of stiff poly fleece (this is not the soft jacket style fleece) draped over it and 2 chunks of rigid foam insulation (my favorite building material!). I used silk pins – they […] Read more »

Cure for Thread Backlash

I was having a heck of a time with my decorative stitching and thread backlash in the bobbin. I thought it was the thread (no) the stitch (no) and finally just assumed that the timing was off on the sewing machine (no). I can’t say I know what caused the problem, but I do know […] Read more »

Favorite Things

I am going to do the Martha Stewart thing and post a few of my favorite (machine quilting) things. I’ve been machine quilting (home machine, longarm & midarm) for 13 yrs and have been teaching for about 10 yrs. I’ve used a lot of products over the years and I have developed some specific preferences. […] Read more »