A New Quilt Design

Hi Quilters, we found some quilt inspiration on YouTube! This quilt was inspired by a video that I watched on YouTube and that I talked my daughter Sarah into making. She loved it so much that she made about five different tops! Check back here regularly because I’ll be playing with new designs on the […] Read more »

My Design Wall

***UPDATE*** I have been getting a LOT of requests for specific information on the design wall fabric that I buy. Here’s the label from the bolt of my most recent purchase: I started digging through some unfinished projects recently and put some on my design wall, then I thought I’d make a video about the […] Read more »

My New Pressing Board

I created a huge pressing surface for myself, something I’ve wanted for many years! I used 1/2″ OSB (Oriented Strandboard), two layers of Warm & Natural Batting, some muslin and my favorite staple gun. To keep it from moving, I set a large piece of gripper pad (sold as shelf liner in department stores) underneath! […] Read more »