Cursed Fabric

Sarah, my daughter, and I both make quilts. Lots of quilts. But, we seem to take turns – sort of. As she was packing her things to go back home this weekend, after staying overnight with us, she pushed the box of fabrics at me and then reached to take them back. We both laughed, […] Read more »

New Fabric!

Oh what a great trip to Anchorage! To visit my favorite quilt shop (Seams Like Home Quilt Shoppe) and see the familiar faces and the new, gorgeous fabrics. Heaven!! Then Sarah arrived with granddaughter Audrey and the *real* fun began 🙂 Confession: I do not shop for fabric. I have asked (that being the polite […] Read more »

Design Options

Sarah’s playing with some quilt design options on her blog. Take a peek and let her know which layout you like best. I’ve been cleaning and organizing stash and paperwork. Pulling out old notes, unfinished tops, stuff like that. My theory is that if I surround myself with unfinished works I’ll eventually finish something! 🙂 Read more »

Crazy Shortcake Quilt finds a Home

While at Spring Quilt Market Sarah and I bumped into Maret from Seams Like Home Quilt Shoppe in Anchorage several times! I love going all the way to Portland, Oregon to meet up with the Alaskans – lol! We showed her the Shortcake Quilt and offered to let it go live in her newly relocated […] Read more »

Fun with Flickr

I created a photo set (which can be viewed as a slideshow) on Flickr (click here to see it) of portions of quilts in our book – some photos are of 1 square of the quilt, some have 4 squares. The photos aren’t great and I hope to re-do them soon. Flickr is a photo […] Read more »

Sarah Raffuse Blogs!

My daughter and co-author, Sarah Raffuse, has started a blog. Hehehehehe. I knew that if I stole her pictures enough she’d start blogging herself 🙂 <—-happy mom smile! On her post today she shows off one of her most favorite quilts, made with the Bella Nonna pattern and silk flowers (check out their stuff here). […] Read more »