I love inspiration! I get it from quilt shows, group chats and PEOPLE! I meet a lot of people online and I love that so much – I *love* getting emails from new and old friends 🙂 I also read a lot of books (paper and and electronic). I’ve read Jack Canfield’s books The Aladdin […] Read more »

My little writing secret

I wrote a quilt book (with my daughter as co-author). That’s not the secret 🙂 I have also written a novel, and after letting it sit for several months and re-reading, I realize it’s crappy. BUT! I can do better! This summer, if all goes well (knock on a fat quarter) I will write a […] Read more »

Sharing Expertise on

I love to share info and trade tricks and tips with sewers and quilters, so when Seth Godin posted on his blog about Squidoo and described its function, I went a built a few lens’s. Here’s one of my lenses (that’s what they call the pages at Squidoo) on how I built my cheap quilting […] Read more »


I’ve been playing with ones and zeros again. While in Portland I was desperate to go to Powells Bookstore, for both the experience and for a book on HTML. I found a book that I liked but I’ve only read 1 chapter. Why? Because I have discovered WordPress. WP intimidated me when I first started […] Read more »

Blog Ring – update

I have created a new blog ring for quilt designers and I invite every quilt designer, pattern designer, quilt book author and anyone in the business of quilting (who blogs) to join the ring and have some fun! Go here and put in your blog address and then install the code in your sidebar and […] Read more »

On Writing by Stephen King

Everything you need to know and hear about writing and getting published. I am regularly asked about writing books and being published, and I always recommend this book as a start. The man has a talent for the written word and he shares everything in this book. Regularly re-reading it is what kept me going […] Read more »