Bunny Update

My friend Ferne reminded me that I haven’t posted about the bunnies lately – thanks for the reminder Ferne! We have more bunnies.  Our neighbors called a few weeks ago and said that they were rescuing some baby bunnies that had been separated from their mother by someone who traps the rabbits and takes them […] Read more »

Spring in Seward, Alaska

Yes, this is spring in Alaska. See the pretty flowers; the sunshine? Me neither! LOL Someone please remind me why I live here? If you look closely you can see Tan Bunny just to the right of the feeder that Tom built. It sits across the alley from his house, on Barb’s property. She loves […] Read more »

Snow for Martha

Compare this one to my photo of Mt. Marathon from the 4th of July! This is for Martha in Louisiana 🙂 This next one is of the trees across the alley, just outside the garage door. My bunny friends hang out there, but right now there’s a black bear living there (no kidding!). Bear has […] Read more »

Empty Nest

At what point does “whew, I am so glad I don’t have to clean up after them anymore!” turn to “Oh, how I miss the pitter patter of their little feet…”? My answer – -‘not yet’! LOL 🙂 Hehehehe The baby bunnies went back to their outside home, as healthy as I can get them, […] Read more »

Baby Bunnies

On July 5th Tom brought home 2 baby bunnies that each had conjunctivitis in one eye. It just broke my heart. I didn’t post about them, or take photos, because I was sure that they were going to die. They were very, very infected, starved and barely 10 days old. The only hope I had […] Read more »

Almost Spring

I begin to believe that spring is almost here when the daffodils start coming up. We still have several feet of snow in the yard, but around the house it’s melting out. The poor things have to fight their way through the masses of snow we received this winter – but up they come! I […] Read more »

Just outside the garage door…

Is an ugly garbage can rack that is built up off the ground to perfect bunny height. These are semi wild rabbits that come from a long line of abandoned Easter Bunnies. The scrounge for food throughout the downtown section of Seward (although almost every subdivision now has rabbits) and most of the gardeners are […] Read more »