Blue Alaska!

I love living in Alaska! I’ve lived here 35 years and traveled the state quite a bit, but I’m not done yet. There’s just too much to see, from the islands of the Aleutian Chain (next year’s trip, I’ve promised myself!) to the northern Arctic Wildlife Refuge to the islands of the south east panhandle. […] Read more »

A New Quilt Design

Hi Quilters, we found some quilt inspiration on YouTube! This quilt was inspired by a video that I watched on YouTube and that I talked my daughter Sarah into making. She loved it so much that she made about five different tops! Check back here regularly because I’ll be playing with new designs on the […] Read more »

My Design Wall Trinkets

I watched a video that made me start thinking about all the things that I keep up on my walls in my quilting area. As a response to the video I watched, I made this video which thanks the original artist, Margaret Fabrizio, and shows some of my cherished bits and tells their story. The […] Read more »

Want to Make a Quilt With Me?

I’ve been thinking about making another “Shortcake” quilt or else the “Easy To Go Crazy” quilt from our book. A quick and easy design. Anyone want to make a quilt with me? A quilt-a-long where we all quilt together? I have a free week coming up soon and I’m itching to cut some fabric! Let […] Read more »

“You Are What You Keep”

I have been staring at that statement ever since I read it in one of my online quilting groups a few weeks ago. It was posted as part of an “Eliminate 2010 things in 2010” challenge from another group. I have been on a quest to reduce my possessions for twenty years. That makes me […] Read more »