Audrey’s Corner

I just finished carrying what I hope is the last bit of extra special quilting necessities (translates to years of accumulated quilting stuff) upstairs to the new studio. Audrey is coming this weekend and her corner of the studio is all ready for her.  The high shelves (put up last night) hold most of my […] Read more »

New Fabric!

Oh what a great trip to Anchorage! To visit my favorite quilt shop (Seams Like Home Quilt Shoppe) and see the familiar faces and the new, gorgeous fabrics. Heaven!! Then Sarah arrived with granddaughter Audrey and the *real* fun began 🙂 Confession: I do not shop for fabric. I have asked (that being the polite […] Read more »

Empty Nest

At what point does “whew, I am so glad I don’t have to clean up after them anymore!” turn to “Oh, how I miss the pitter patter of their little feet…”? My answer – -‘not yet’! LOL 🙂 Hehehehe The baby bunnies went back to their outside home, as healthy as I can get them, […] Read more »

A few baby days

I made the mistake of being tired and worn out just before spending a weekend with Audrey. At one and three quarters, she has about twenty thousand times the energy that I do! Lucky baby 🙂 We had fun in the front yard watching people and their kids and dogs walk past the house on […] Read more »

Booties Part Three

I was in Anchorage for a few days and I spent some time with Audrey. I brought up a small bucket of the things she’s used to playing with when she is with me, and here’s how that went: She dove into the bucket, first after her necklaces and then ended up dumping the whole […] Read more »

Booties Part Two

Using the tracing that I took of Audrey’s feet and some quilted muslin from a machine quilting class, I cut out my estimation of the pieces. I love estimating and I do it all the time 🙂 I pinned the pieces together and I could tell right away that I had overestimated! I could put […] Read more »


What happens when you try to hold steady a wiggly giggly baby with one hand and trace around her ticklish feet with the other hand? Chaos. And this kind of scribble: Heather Bailey has a free pattern for baby booties that I want to try. I’ll make a tester first, to see how they fit, […] Read more »

She’s Baaaaaack :)

Audrey, my granddaughter, is back with me this weekend. I put most of the quilting stuff away and got out the camera. Knowing your priorities is a good thing. We’re going outside to look for some mud puddles to stomp in. See you later! Read more »