Beautiful Maple Leaf Quilt

Bonnie Jenkins has sent me photos before of her quilts and here’s her newest and its story: My husband and I visited the east coast of Canada last September, just in time to see the beautiful autumn leaves. I really loved the colours of the maple leaves. When we returned home I bought a copy […] Read more »

Joanne D & Me

Joanne D and I have been emailing for a while, and I have to tell you that I— number one, admire everyone who can ask for help and —number two, love anyone who can laugh at their own mistakes. These are two qualities I value deeply, so she and I are hitting it off quite […] Read more »

Teresa Rush’s Finished Quilt

Not only did she finish her quilt (here’s more about finishing any quilt), and beautifully, she sent the most gorgeous pictures too! Here’s Teresa’s story: I hope the new year is finding you happy and healthy. I thought you might enjoy seeing what your book, “Finish (Almost) Any Quilt” has recently inspired. I have been […] Read more »

Keeping Up With Kim W

Well, the truth is, I just can’t keep up with Kim! She’s made two more queen sized quilts and I’m just about speechless. About a year ago I received an email from Kim telling me about her first queen sized quilt (quilt-as-you-go) and her own special ergonomic sewing table. I just treasure messages like that, […] Read more »