Seward in August

Some photos I’ve take recently. Tom came home briefly, bringing the jitney in. This photo was taken about about nine or nine thirty at night. Earlier that same day a cruise ship left port. Notice the fireweed? The story goes that when the fireweed is done blooming, two weeks later it will snow. Today the […] Read more »

Gone Fishing

Here’s the F/V Dolly B towing her jitney and skiff out of the harbor and in the second picture you can see the boats as a tiny spec. They are on their way to Nuka Bay. It’s about an 8 hour run and fishing there opens at 6am tomorrow morning. Please wish them safe travels […] Read more »

F/V Melissa B

The Melissa B has been in the driveway for renovations. She gets a lot of looks from passers by! She was originally owned by Perry Buchanan and he taught his sons, Steve & Tom to fish on her. She’s seen a lot of modifications over the years. Eventually Steve bought a boat, the F/V Marathon, […] Read more »

Mending the Seine

Here’s Tom and crew David and James, mending the jitney seine on Sunday afternoon. We loaded the seine onto the jitney first thing this morning (no pics, I was too busy keeping the seine straight and free from snags) and then mended the net after that. (When we got to a bigger hole I dropped […] Read more »


The net is called the “seine” on a boat that is a seiner. Here is the jitney’s seine, in the back of Tom’s truck. After working on the skiff outboard all morning, launching the jitney, filling her tanks, standing up the mast and then dealing with my broken down car, he and I loaded the […] Read more »

NQR stands for Not Quilting Related

I’ve been a busy gal since coming back from Portland Quilt Market! The boats still need work & maintenance and that is first priority in our lives. So, it’s been the usual routine of scrubbing the fish hold, mending nets, launching skiffs and stocking the big boat with groceries and supplies. The jitney is in […] Read more »

Fishing Season

It’s that time of year again. I’ve been on the boat, which is dry docked right now, cleaning and making her ready for another fishing season. Here’s an older picture of me, when I worked on the boat as crew a couple of years ago. In the first photo I am surrounded by fish, hand […] Read more »

Photos of fishing and more in Alaska

I love taking photos around Alaska. Here are some of my favorite fishing pictures (and a black bear pic) – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! The black bear is in the woods inside Nuka Bay, the 2 men on the bridge of the F/V Dolly B are Tom and his […] Read more »