Joanne D & Me

Joanne D and I have been emailing for a while, and I have to tell you that I— number one, admire everyone who can ask for help and —number two, love anyone who can laugh at their own mistakes. These are two qualities I value deeply, so she and I are hitting it off quite […] Read more »

Debbie C’s Special Quilt

I met an Alaskan Quilter – Debbie lives in Anchorage and sent me a pic of her quilt and the most heartwarming message to go with it: I make charity quilts mainly for a NICU, but occasionally I will get a request to do a special quilt for a family. I thought I was in […] Read more »

Judy’s Corvette T-Shirt Quilt

Judy and I have been emailing since 2009, when she wrote to tell me about a quilt she made and about using my first book to make it. In the years between we’ve just kept in touch, asking a few questions here and there and and sharing brief updates. But recently, she sent me pics […] Read more »

Teresa Rush’s Finished Quilt

Not only did she finish her quilt (here’s more about finishing any quilt), and beautifully, she sent the most gorgeous pictures too! Here’s Teresa’s story: I hope the new year is finding you happy and healthy. I thought you might enjoy seeing what your book, “Finish (Almost) Any Quilt” has recently inspired. I have been […] Read more »

Gloria’s Quilts

Gloria graciously sent me pics of three of her quilts, made using our quilt-as-you-go techniques. Thank you so much for sharing your quilts Gloria! Here are her pics and notes: I made this quilt for my grandson’s 8th birthday. The appliqued blocks are all of the things my grandson loves; fishing, his dog and cat, […] Read more »