Nancy’s Quilt

Nancy just sent me a photo of her finished quilt! Here’s what she wrote:

Hi Marguerita,
A few months back you helped me when I was in a panic over having made my blocks too large. After much thinking, figuring and praying, I took a deep breath and did some trimming. Everything turned out to my liking.

We are in AK right now and have given this to our grandson for graduation from Colony High School in Palmer.

Your books were a tremendous help and I followed the directions so carefully. I added arrows to the tags to further clarify whether the block was a center or side, top or bottom edge block.

Thank you.
Nancy Ballantyne
Gilbertsville, PA

Here are Nancy’s blocks before adding the borders to each block. She had these blocks left over from another project and wanted to make them into a quilt. She was working from my book Finish (almost) Any Quilt with Quilt As You Go. I think she made an outstanding, unique quilt!