Janet’s T-Shirt Quilt

I received the nicest email from Janet about her t-shirt quilt:

I was re-reading your T-shirt Quilt as you go book and decided I should send you my first t-shirt quilt. I retired in March 2016 and promised my boss I would make her a t-Shirt quilt. Well I started it in October 2015 and finished it sometime in November! And gave it to Dr. Freeman at the Christmas party. I really enjoyed quilting the squares and then figuring out how to sew them all together was very well explained. I learned a lot on that first t-shirt quilt. First I will never mushy Batty! And the Stabilizer I got I don’t think I will ever get again. The hardest part of this was getting those squares to not be a mess after quilting. I had to redo each one after quilting. Getting those squares to smooth out was really hard. I was really happy with that I almost had everyone about the same size. My husband helped me with the sewing machine as I have not used a sewing machine for quilting – always did it by hand. He really tried to make sure I learned how to use this sewing machine which he purchased years ago to make stuff for his sailboat.

Everything you put in this book was so great. I did have to re-read things over and over but once I had done it once or twice, I could do it for all of the squares. I did a bad thing and that was I decided to not wash everything except the t-shirts. I told my boss to not wash the quilt. We shall see if she does. She said she would wash in cold water!! My fault. I just did not wash the material. I will do that for the next one which I will start making either in March or November. I do lots of RV trips in the RV and not sure I will take the squares with me to quilt. We shall see.

Just wanted to thank you for writing this book.

Janet L. Vincent

Thank you Janet! In my world a finished quilt is a beautiful quilt and I’m sure the Dr. loves and cherishes it!