Judy’s Corvette T-Shirt Quilt

Judy and I have been emailing since 2009, when she wrote to tell me about a quilt she made and about using my first book to make it. In the years between we’ve just kept in touch, asking a few questions here and there and and sharing brief updates. But recently, she sent me pics and I really need to share them with you.

Her newest Corvette Quilt!

Judy Simmons's Corvette T-Shirt Quilt

Judy Simmons’s Corvette T-Shirt Quilt

I really like the attention to detail she paid to the blocks. Her quilting makes each one stand out!

Custom Quilted Blocks

Custom Quilted Blocks

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  1. Judy says:

    Nice quilt!

    A ‘vette has always been my dream car. So sometimes I pretend in my Mom-moble. LOL