June Copeck’s Table & Quilt

June asked me a common question about my Sewing and Quilting Table adaptations and when I replied, she sent me pics of her table and her quilt (check out those gorgeous batiks!), along with her story:

Thanks so much for your information. This is what I did. My sons cut a hole in my sewing cabinet and
it will work for both my sewing machines. I thought about spending over $100 for a plexiglass cover
to fit the sewing machine. but I thought of you and you plastic idea, so this is what I came up with.
I cut it a little short on the right side but it works really well and I love it. Cost $5.99.

Below are a couple of pictures of cabinet and my quilt as you go quilt using Batiks. Just need to put
the binding on. I choose to not do a border since it is a lap throw.


June Copeck's Quilt-As-You Go Quilt

June Copeck’s Quilt-As-You Go Quilt

Thank you June for sharing your table and your gorgeous quilt!