Four Gorgeous Quilts!

Marion (from Toronto) sent me pics of her quilt (she used our “Easy to Go Crazy” pattern from Crazy Shorcut Quilts) and her fabric colors are so warm and beautiful! Here’s the note she sent – and I love the ending

I have been quilting for about a year and a half and have made about 50 quilts. Not as big a deal as it sounds. I am retired and I only make small quilts for babies and wheel chair lap quilts. My mother has been a quilter for over 50 years and I never had any interest. Now I am addicted.

I saw a video of yours on youtube and thought this was the answer to my problems with quilting as I would like to make larger quilts.

Attached are photos of my first try (not perfect).

I’ll take gorgeous over ‘not perfect’ any day 🙂

Marion’s Quilt

A peek at the back

Barbara send me a pic of her Jelly Roll Quilt, from the video and the new book – Quilt As You Go {reimagined}, along with this note

Hello Marguerita!

I just wanted you to know that I FINALLY finished my jelly roll quilt. ..(from) last year… lol! Anyway, I wanted to send you the pics of my quilt. I wanted to send a pic of me holding it up, but I’m too *shy* 🙂 Thanks for your time and your book! I have a Kindle Fire now, like you, and want to get your next book as soon as I can!

Take care!

Barbara R

Barbara’s Jelly Roll Quilt

Her own unique design!

Now, for some bright and bold – Elaine sent pics of her and Jess’s quilts – in stunning colors

Elaine’s Black-White-Red Beauty

Jess’s – with a hint of pink and great border

My thanks to Barbara, Marion, Elaine and Jess for sharing their quilt photos.