New Quilt Pics!

Stella made her fourth Crazy Shortcut Quilt! On this one, she writes:

I have shown the back as it has a rather lovely fabric with ‘wols’ (owls) on it. I went a bit over the top and added two more designs which I knew she would like. One of the seaside to remind her where she comes to stay and her favourite hot air balloons. She lives in the middle of the Swedish countryside where there are a lot of lakes but no seaside.

Stella's Quilt for grandchild Cayley

Back of Caley's Quilt

Linda Rheault sent two views of her Jelly Roll Crazy Shortcut Quilt! Check out these colors – I want one like this!

Hi! After fighting with machine quilting a large quilt I found your site and decided to give it a try. I was especially inspired by your red and white jelly roll quilt and the directions you gave in your video. I did get your book in addition to watching the video. I had never heard of jelly rolls since I haven’t quilted for many years. I just finished the quilt which is a gift for friends.

I needed a big queen size quilt so my borders were added last like an envelope and then filled with batting and quilted on my machine.

I have enjoyed your videos especially the one on thread which was enlightening.

I will attach some pictures but I’m afraid they aren’t very good because the quilt is so large

I do want to do one more short cut quilt wall hanging out of Alexander Henry’s Freida Kahlo fabric.

Have a great day! Linda Rheault

Linda's Jellyroll Quilt

What a gorgeous border!

Nicky Lowitz is an expert at re-inventing quilting! She recycled Hawaiian Shirts to make the quilt below and Nicky also made a Tee Shirt Quilt! – click on the Tee Shirt Quilts tab above to see them. About her Hawaiian Quilt she writes:

I love your method, and it was wonderful to do the whole thing myself, and avoid the machine quilting expense. This one is 90 x 90, and made from recycled Hawaiian shirts from the local thrift stores. I also bought all the threads from the thrift stores, as I was not working when I started the project. My Hawaiian quilt was in the Quilt Faire show at Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys CA this weekend. Several ladies in the Guild asked me how on earth I joined the squares! I gave a demonstration with pieces of paper and they both asked for your name and the name of the book, which I was pleased to give them!

Nicky's Hawaiian Shirt Quilt

Gorgeous matching shams!

Back of the Shams

Beautiful Stitches

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    Wow! That’s crazy gorgeous!