More Quilts!

I love to receive photos in my email!!

Angie in Canada sent me these of her quilt, and she blogged about it!

Angie's Quilt

Angie's Stitches

Diane B in Eugene Oregon posted her quilt to her blog and sent photos of her pink quilt and this note:

First of all, I have had your book for ages just kept reading it and going over it. I finally just told myself to make it. I did not do fancy stitching, too time consuming and I’m impatient. I just straight line quilted or made up my own designs as I went along. Love, love, love your method. It was so easy, I don’t know why I was intimidated by it. Enough leftovers to make a 18 x 18 pillow cover.

Diane's Pillow

Diane B's Quilt

Diane's Quilt - Back

Gayle sent me this note and her photo:

Hi there! This is the 2nd quilt I made with your Crazy quilt book, I sent you the first one and thought I would send the second as well! I also purchased your new book,read it cover to cover! Awesome tips and book! Getting ready to use the Roly Poly 2 pattern to make ME a quilt! LOL Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! Happy New Year!


Gayle's Second Crazy Shortcut Quilt

Bonnie sent a photo of her gorgeous, bright baby Shortcake Quilt:

Dear Marguerita,
Yesterday I finally finished the Crazy Shortcake Quilt for my newborn grandson (born 12/31/11). It was so much fun to make! I used a bug theme for the quilt squares. I had many challenges with the binding, trying to figure out how to do the final joining, so I kind of jury-rigged it. Here’s the photos…

Bonnie's quilt for her grandson

Bonnie's quilt back

Lottie Sue posted her quilt to her Flickr account!