Stella’s Quilts and Story

Stella sent me photos of three quilts and a story about one of them. Her first email had the words that I love to hear:

Hope they are useful and will add to your web site if you can use them. All have glaring mistakes but I love each one mistakes and all.

I just love her attitude because it matches mine – “It’s just PERFECT to me, sewing & quilting mistakes and all.”

The first try. Was thrown over the back of our settee and has stayed!

Guest Bed Quilt

Shortly after sending me her pics, Stella emailed with an update that you’ll just love:

Hello again, Marguerita

I just had to tell you the latest about my favourite blue and greeny quilt, on the guest bed.

We have our grandson visit after school – he is four and a half. He likes to watch a DVD – usually Nanny McPhee. I was downstairs getting him a snack and all of a sudden everything was quiet – unusual when he is here!

I went up to have a look to see what mischief he was getting into. He was tucked up under the said quilt, hands behind his head, totally relaxed watching the film. As he saw me come in he said, ‘This is ever so nice and cumferbull, Grandma. I’m going to stay here tonight.’
So top marks for the quilt as we have been trying to get him to stay over for a long timeto give his mother a rest, but he usually wants to go back home.

kind regards
from Bexhill – on – Sea, England

The third. I love the piece in the middle and couldn't bear to cut it up. I have free machined round the paeonies in bronze metallic thread.

Many thanks to Stella for sharing her her quilts and her story 🙂

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  1. Judy says:

    I think Stella’s quilts are wonderful and I especially love the story she shared. Thanks for sharing Marguerita.