Selecting Fabrics for a Quilt

I just discovered that I choose fabrics based on the mood I am in, which is often affected by the weather! It’s been raining for about two years here and I long for spring or summer.

These fabrics remind me of summer and warmth

Soft, summery colors is what I went for when I checked my fabric stash for this quilt. I first had pulled out a pile of retro-reprints, but I found that I could not make myself even take a picture of them, never mind envision what type of quilt I wanted. I puzzled over this for a while and then went back to the stash and found these!

Those retro reprints went back into the stash bucket so fast that I’m surprised they didn’t catch fire.

I have 12 Fat Quarters to work with, and I want to use the cutting design (four cuts) that Sarah used on her “Bright Idea” quilt.

It’s Quilting Time! How are you doing on your quilt?

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  1. Laura says:

    Hey M!

    Iʻm going to join so I can finish the strip set CSCQ I started in the spring…remember??? lol I will email pics of my progress tomorrow. I like the fabrics you chose.


    • Marguerita says:

      Hey Laura – Long time no talk! How did you like the pic of the living room ceiling 🙂 One more coat of primer tomorrow and then PAINT! Whoo Hooo!! In between, I’ll cut some fabric 😉

      Great idea on finishing something! When this quilt is done, I am going to work on machine quilting some of those tops you left with Sarah.

      Quilt On!!!

      • Laura says:

        I bet you get further than me! And I saw the ceiling, I thought I sent you a reply. How is batting down the hatches for your first migration going? Are you driving or flying out? Are you taking sewing room with you or will you have a second one set up in AZ? This is all very exciting!

        • Marguerita says:

          Hi Laura, we are driving, but not leaving for a few months yet. A winter drive down the AlCan – again! I am starting to make lists of what I will need there 🙂 Since I have the two 180’s, I’ll take one, and one of the Kenmores. Several projects to work on, video camera, laptop and backup drives. That should keep me busy for a while!

  2. michelle says:

    i love the fabrics you picked out.
    i am quilting my squares – half way done with that.
    are you headed to AZ? if so, where?

    • Marguerita says:

      Hi Michelle, for the first time in 32 years, I am going to spend a few months in the south! The long Alaskan winters have me throwing in the towel. We’re headed for Bullhead City, AZ, which is about a hour and a half drive from Las Vegas. I hope to meet some quilters there! Are you in the southwest?

      You amaze me! I haven’t even pressed or cut my fabrics yet – we’ve been working on the boat and the house all weekend.

      • michelle says:

        this quilt is a baby gift and i need to have it done before the 19th — so that is what is motivating me. i live in Scottsdale, AZ. i thought maybe you might be headed down to Phoenix. you will enjoy Bullhead City – definitely a different climate from Alaska. maybe you will get a chance this week to do some sewing, sounds like you have had a very busy weekend.

        • Marguerita says:

          Hi Michelle, if you send me pics as you go, if you have time, I would be happy to post them! Thanks so much for checking in on the group on Facebook – they LOVE your quilt!

  3. Judy says:

    I like your fabric chooses! I posted an update on my blog as to where I am at on my quilt. Next week should see me quilting up a storm.

    • Marguerita says:

      Hi Judy – Good for you gal! We are working on the house (again and still) this weekend, so no quilting for me, but I hope to get back to it during the next week. We are applying texture to the walls of one small bedroom today, and if it goes well, we might do the living room today too. Tomorrow it’s back to the kitchen wall and window!

      • Judy says:

        Man! I wish I could spell chooses = choices. Have fun with the house! May not be quilting but it does get the creative juices flowing.