Quilt Binding by Machine

There are many good methods of putting a binding on a quilt but I’ve never seen how to flip the corners specifically demonstrated and that’s what my friend Rosemary asked to see, so I made a video for her.

When preparing for the binding I start by measuring all four sides of the quilt and then determining the length of binding that I need and exactly how long each side of the quilt should be. If you don’t measure your quilt and binding, it’s easy to stretch either the quilt, or the binding, or both, while sewing them and that can give a wavy finish to your quilt, instead of a nice, straight, flat finish.

I always cut my binding on the length of grain (going WITH the selvage) [this is just my personal preference] and often I cut my binding before I even cut my fabrics for my quilt. I don’t like piecing small bits of fabric to make up the binding, and because I use the length of grain, I find it easier to start my quilt by cutting the binding first 🙂

When I am finished quilting my quilt, I measure out the length of binding for each side of the quilt as I go along, but I only “measure and pin” one side at a time as I sew the binding on. I hope that makes sense! I sew the binding onto one side of the quilt, and its corner, and then I take the quilt out of the sewing machine and measure and pin the binding for the next side.

The video is about how I turn the corners on the binding, AFTER sewing it to the *BACK* of the quilt, because all my bindings are 100% by machine. I never hand quilt anything, but that’s just my preference also. Oh, and the video asks you to subscribe to my channel if you like my videos, which requires you to create a YouTube account. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from watching video tutorials on YouTube on all kinds of subjects. I highly recommend YouTube if you like to learn by “seeing how it’s done”.

Here’s the older video I made for Linda about sewing down the corner on the FRONT of the quilt:

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  1. Peg Kuras says:

    Hello Marguritia,
    I just purchased your book Crazy shortcut quilts. I have not make one as of yet but wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the detailed way you have explained how to go about it.

    I am anxious to dive in .. I also enjoy your video’s on u tube .

    Thank you