Cursed Fabric

Sarah, my daughter, and I both make quilts. Lots of quilts. But, we seem to take turns – sort of. As she was packing her things to go back home this weekend, after staying overnight with us, she pushed the box of fabrics at me and then reached to take them back. We both laughed, but then things got serious.

“Are you keeping them?” she asked.

“No, you take them. Don’t you have something to make with them?” I asked back.

“No, but you never use them!” she said.

“Well…… I could make some thing if you leave them here………” was my reply.

“Who ever has this box never makes a quilt!” We both blurted out at the same time, and then laughed nervously, because we both suddenly realized it was true.

When she’s making quilt after quilt, updating her blog and Facebook with pictures of projects, I seem to be tied up with other (non-quilting) projects and all my fabrics are haphazardly stashed in bins and boxes.

When I’m head down and working, testing designs, fabrics and layouts, I can’t even get her to LOOK at a quilt with me. She’s busy with her daughter, her husband, her friends or all three and life in general. We NEVER work on quilts at the same time, and each one give the other one a hard time about it. There’s lots of snide remarks, mumbled comments and sticking out of tongues. Fabric snatching from the other person’s stash has been known to happen, as well as accusations of missing project pieces.

Maybe someday we will work on quilts together, but I am guessing not anytime soon. Meanwhile I have the cursed fabrics. That means she better get to quilting. 🙂

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  1. Laura says:

    I need to try this with Rachie!