Cleaning Up and Cutting Scraps

I am a fabricaholic.

There. I said it.

I can’t throw away a single piece of fabric and I’ve been known to dive into the quilt room waste basket of others to retrieve perfectly good fabric!

I now have about 3 of these big bins of scraps. The trimmings of every Crazy Shortcut Quilt I’ve ever made including all the ones from the book, plus all the scraps from every other quilt I’ve ever made too.

I did a big clean up and reorganization this spring because I’ll be moving in the fall. Winter and I don’t like each other anymore and I’m headed for warmer climes in a few months.

That means, for me, “clean it up, use it up, or give it up” – including the scrap bin. So, I am trimming off the useable fabrics from my “trimmings” bin (and we won’t get into what I think is useable – hehehehehe). I want to make a few of those long draft stoppers and I’ll use the tiny bits of batting to stuff them with. Maybe I’ll make a stuffed animal or two for Audrey. 🙂

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  1. Linda says:

    When you’re done you can come and do mine!

    • Marguerita says:

      Ohhhh – -guess what? I gave up. I worked for hours and ended up with a handful of usable fabric. Oh well! At least I did the *chore* I had on my list – now off to more FUN sewing and quilting projects!

  2. Geri says:

    Hope you do better than me. I’m moving to Florida from the Chicago area, and though I’ve purged quite a bit (who needs heavy woolens in Florida)I’ve also kept a lot too. How do you get rid of fabric so it will go to a good home. Only have one more week, so need advice. Have emailed to friends, facebooked, and word of mouth; but still have a bunch

  3. janet says:

    Hi marguerita. I am very new to quilting at 61yrs but not so new to sewing. Have just retired and enjoying life. Going to Festival of quilts, UK, this week end cant wait. I am at present doing a crazy quilt and it is taking for ever. I have got as far as the sashing your way looks very neat. Maybe WHEN I have finished I will send to via e-mail.