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  1. ql says:

    Hi, have just now discovered your videos. Thanks so much.

  2. Melli says:

    Hi, Congratulations on having the Health legislation passing Congress in the US. We have had a national health scheme, much like they have in Canada, for 35 yeas here in Australia. The Conservatives initially tried to get rid of it but it is now so widely accepted as an essential part of our social fabric that every political party endorses universal health cover. A healthy country is a productive country.

    • Marguerita says:

      Thank you! I am thrilled for our country and hope we can do as well as Canada and Australia! We have a lot of catching up to do 🙂

  3. Joan says:

    I can sure do without politics on this subject & site. Nice to talk about quilting and get away from politics.

  4. Kathy says:

    I agree with Joan…
    When I think of quilting, I think of Quilting bees, meeting with friends, sharing smiles, good times, creating beautiful things to share with loved ones. I use quilting as a means to relax. When I have had an especially strssful day, I escape to quilting.

    Please consider another separate blog for your political views. It’s like mixing business with pleasure!!

    • Marguerita says:

      Hi Kathy, thank you for reading my blog!

      I have never been to a quilting event that didn’t have a myriad of topics discussed, and the sharing of points of view by people I like and trust has always been something that I value, so I guess our perspectives here differ.

      My blog, however, is not a quilting bee, it’s my life, my dreams, my beliefs, my hopes and my endeavors and my way of sharing good things with my friends, and additionally, I do some business here sometimes, and I believe in mixing business with pleasure 🙂

      You are very welcome to read and comment on anything you like, but I am what I am, and my blog is a reflection of me and the only changes I see coming are that I tend to be more assertive in my beliefs since I passed my fiftieth birthday.

      I wish you the happiest of quilting endeavors and I thank you for prompting me to make this statement about my blog. Marguerita

  5. Laura says:

    Thanks Marguerita for sharing this set of pics – it’s been a long tough year and we have finally made some progress in the Health Care for all. I know how hard it’s been for so many of my friends and some family who have been with inadequate or no health care at all. I look forward to the day when every mother who has a sick child doesn’t have to choose between food and a doctor’s visit. Love your blog and totally dig your perspective!