Finishing Up

I spent some time sorting out fabrics and unfinished projects this morning. The unfinished projects pile is now larger than my “stash” pile of fabrics. That’s good about the fabrics, but now the projects are nagging me. I am a member of the “Stashbusters” group on Yahoo and every day I read about the quilters who are successfully using their stash of fabrics. It has been good for me to be a member of that group – the messages are very inspirational and motivational 🙂

But, they talk a lot too about finishing up projects. The acronyms used just crack me up! PIGS (projects in grocery bags); WHIMMS (Works I have in my mind); and so many more. Believe me, I have lots of those too.

I had never collected enough fabric to open a shop, like some of the quilters I know, but I had collected more than I want to be saddled with and it’s time to use them up. I still have lots of “Whimms” that I want to make, but like so many other quilters, I am making a vow: Finish one (or two) before starting something new. Oh, and stay off eBay for a while (wish me luck on that, it probably won’t happen 🙂

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  1. Jamie Amos says:

    One of the things I learned about the WHIMMS (Works I have in my mind) has improved my life tremendously. I thought I would share it with you. I too have WHIMMS (Works I have in my mind); however, I am one of those people that can’t have a lot of UFOs without going nuts or feeling overwhelmed. I started a notebook called IDEAS/IMPRESSIONS where I can put my ideas, thoughts of projects and things I would like to follow up on at a later time when I have completed a project. Because they started being so varied that I started organizing into categorizes so I could come back to them quickly if I was have a yearning to do a project in that particular category. Once I started doing this, it freed my mind up to concentrate on the project at hand. I was so afraid I was going to forget my good idea that was when I found myself starting the project before I should so I would not forget my idea. Now I know that my idea is committed to paper and I can go back to it when I am ready.

    • Marguerita says:

      Hi Jamie, we must be on the same wavelength! I just finished sorting my UFO’s and then I sorted out all my drawings and notes and I feel tremendously better. I finished a long ignored project, which makes me feel great, and now I fee eager to tackle another!

      I have been collecting scraps for about 15 years but I have only made ONE scrap quilt – and I LOVE scrap quilts! I gathered all my odd sized scraps last night and a 5 yard chunk of Kona White and I am going to start scrapping – hurray!!

      And yes, now that I have my notes more organized, I think I am going to be a lot more productive. It helps a lot that we had two nice sunny days this week too 🙂