Oklahoma and Arizona quilters, some questions for you :)

Me in AZHi Quilters, I have been on a whirlwind trip for the past 3 weeks and I am looking for some help! First, I have a quilter who wants to take a Crazy Shortcut Quilts Class in northwest Oklahoma. I am looking for shops info, classes, teachers, anyone with info that I can share with this quilter to help her out – -can you help? Do you know anyone in that area who has made a Crazy Shortcut Quilt or who is teaching the class nearby?

Second, after 31 years of living in Alaska, I am ready to throw in the (frozen) towel. Traveling to Arizona and then coming back to the beginning of winter in Alaska was my tipping point. I am ready for change. I would LOVE to hear from quilters in the northwest of Arizona or southeast Nevada area. This would be a major life change for me and I’d love to chat with anyone else who has made that transition!

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  1. Jean says:

    I lived in Phoenix for 22 years and finally came back home to Washington. You might want to try Heber, Overgaard, Pinetop, Lakeside a greener surroundings and while it snows, nothing like Alaska. If you like hot (110 and above from April to October), dirt yards…go for Phoenix or Tucson. There is a quilt shop in Avondale, Cotton Fields, they would probably love to have you in the area. Buckeye is a nice area. Stay out of Goodyear, the tax base is high and so are city services. I wish you the best of luck! Try the Self Family blog, Kristens husband is in real estate and he can send you all kinds of information!
    Oh, Sarah will miss you dearly!

    • Marguerita says:

      Thank you for the great advice! I look forward to spending a lot of time exploring the beauty of Arizona but not at 110 degrees. I can barely handle 80 and at 85 I start looking for somewhere else to be 🙂 We would still come back to Alaska in summer and Sarah is excited about visiting us in the winter. It’s a good thing Audrey and I like our web-cams, I have a feeling we will be using them a lot 🙂

  2. Jean says:

    Marguerita, I am having a truly amazing giveaway this month…Moda fabric pack, quilting books, I think 8 prizes in all. I would love for you to let your readers know and please, sign up!

  3. Judy says:


    I moved to Prescott, AZ about four years ago. It seems there are other quilters and teachers that have moved here from Alaska. Prescott is nice because you can drive to Phoenix in 2 hours if you want heat and you can drive two hours north to Flagstaff if you want to go see snow.

    I have tried your “quilt as you go” method which sounds wonderful. I haven’t had great success at getting the sashing strips the right (size, straight enough, way?) to have two attached blocks really lay flat. I probably just need more practice.

    Thanks for your you tube videos. I’ve learned a lot from you.


    • Marguerita says:

      Ohhh, I hear **so many** good things about Prescott! Tom wants to be closer to Bullhead City, but we plan on spending a LOT of time driving to all the other parts of the state to explore. I may come visit you for a few hours!! 🙂