Teach Crazy Shortcut Quilt Classes in Your Town!

I really want to share our success with you, Crazy Shortcut quilters who enjoy making these quilts, and who would enjoy teaching this method in classes at your local quilt shops, community schools, sewing centers, guilds or privately.

I invite you to teach Crazy Shortcut Quilting! I’ve spent a major portion of the spring and summer taping video and writing a 45 page eBook about everything Sarah and I do when we are teaching and I’ve put it all together on one DVD and YOU are the first to have a chance to buy it, start teaching it in your town and make a little extra fabric money along the way 🙂

I want YOU to enjoy the same success that Sarah and I have enjoyed, and the thrill of teaching and helping others learn to quilt.

I am going about this in my own way too. This is not a professional “studio” taping – it’s done in my quilting studio and I am the writer, video camera operator, editor and packager and for that reason I can keep the price very reasonable – which is a major goal of mine. You can recoup the cost of the Teaching Kit and STILL make money in your very first class and every class thereafter is all YOUR money! There are no monthly membership fees, no licensing fees and no secret handshake.

There is, however, exclusive membership in my Teacher’s Group for each person who buys a Kit. This group is only for Crazy Shortcut Quilting Teachers and in it I will do every single thing I can to help you enjoy teaching success. You will have first access to all new designs, patterns and private videos showing how we make the patterns up and teach the process. If you have ever thought about teaching quilting, join me and I’ll hold your hand and help you all the way.

If you are already a quilting teacher and would like to add a super popular quilt class to your repertoire – buy the kit now and get it on your calendar asap!

If you are a quilt shop owner, you are going to love this Teaching Kit! Give it to your staff and let them take turns teaching it!

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  1. You are nothing short of WONDERFUL! I found your book at the library and it has helped me get excited about quilting again. Thank you for all your great tips and videos. Then to top it off you want to share your success. THANK YOU!
    Mary Ann