First Place!

Our dear friend Kathy Harte mentors young girls in their sewing. Here’s her email to me from just a few minutes ago:

Hi Marguerita and Sarah – I’m so excited about some great – exciting fantastic news ! ! ! I had 5 students last school year who completed their wildly beautiful “Crazy Shortcut Quilts.” Two of my girls just called to let me know….

Tyanna Baker took First Place, and Grand Champion in her age group (12 years old) for the king size quilt she made ! ! ! ! !

Christina Baker took 2nd place in the 9 year old category for her lap size quilt ! ! ! !

The girls’ Mom will e-mail pictures of the girls with their masterpieces, and I’ll forward those on to you….

AND….. I’ve got everything documented from start to finish on my computer… if you like, I’ll burn CDs for you so you can see what all the girls did using your book as our guide.

I’m soooooo proud of them and am doing the happy dance ! Just thought you’d like to know 🙂 YAY YAY YAY

Love to you both,

I am so excited for these girls – to have won recognition for their hard work really is so wonderful and for Kathy to see their success, well, that is the highest reward for a wonderful teacher!