Are you a member of a weight loss or fitness group? I have been watching my pal Laura and her progress on Spark People and I just joined today. I am almost obese according to their numbers but what’s worse than that is that I look and feel like blended Jell-O in stretched skin.

I’ve been sitting for too long (a couple of years) with almost no exercise and it shows.

So, I am starting the quest for better health and I wonder what my other pals are doing or using?

I am setting a low goal of going for a walk every day and no more whining about the weather unless it’s raining on ice, in which case I fall a lot, and that’s where I’ll be drawing the line.

Help me out and tell me what you do, what are your goals and what helps you stay on track, okay?

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  1. Jean says:

    I too just signed onto Spark people. My dad has lost lots of weight and keeps it off using Weight Watchers (so many come and go but they always seem to be around). I can’t do much with the 2 surgeries, so know the jello in the stretched skin look.
    I think we need to be accountable to each other, what do you say Marguerita? We will set a low goal to begin with and a daily walk and see how it goes.

  2. Joanna says:

    I am a member of TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) and I log my progress on myfitnesspal.com and use their food diary. Although this year has been hard and I have not lost – in fact I gained 23 of my 30 pounds back. Ohhow I wish I was one of those people who DIDN’T eat when stressed or grieving.

    • Marguerita says:

      I eat chips or bread & butter when stressed. I just found out that I have an allergy to wheat (my allergies come and go) so for now, no bread (hurray!). I have heard GREAT things about TOPS and I love seeing your little counter on your blog. I am cheering for you – at least you didn’t gain it ALL back and then some!

  3. Laura says:

    Hey there – GOOD FOR YOU! I think you are making the best goal – DO SOMETHING! That’s what I had to do to get going again, and once you’re going, you start going a little further, a little harder and next thing you know, you CANNOT stand to NOT go! Sparkpeople is AWESOME, FREE and has so many tools to help you along this journey! I am here for you!!! Hugs!

    • Marguerita says:

      Hi Laura, I have actually gotten to the point where “do anything” would be an improvement. I am going to start with 6 weeks of walking, then go for hiking and as the snow falls, get back into snowshoeing. I really liked reading the “because we can” statement on SparkPeople, it was very inspirational.

  4. JoStenger says:

    I have been watching and following your quilt sites. I love them, by the way. I had never heard of Spark People. Well, now I’m hooked on that too. I have had weight loss software that I purchased that didn’t have as much as this site does. Thanks so much for all your good work and for the new found SparkPeople.

    • Marguerita says:

      Thank you! I’ll see you over there 🙂 I’ve been pretty good about my walking every night. Some days longer, some shorter, but at least I’m getting out and trying to get a routine started. Best of luck to you on your goals!