Quilt Confession …

I have to confess ….. I buy quilt blocks and quilt tops on ebay.  There.  It’s out.

Sarah recently gave me back of pile of blocks that I had dumped on her, after deciding I’d never do anything with them.  Does that make them double UFO’s?   RUFO’s – Returned Un-Finished Object?  WIHIMMBGTSE – Works I Had In My Mind But Gave To Someone Else?  🙂  I could go on forever…

So, back to the drawing board – and glad I am!!  Guess what – I needed them back!  I want to make a video of using regular quilt blocks, done with our quilt as you go technique, and I was actually looking for more blocks to buy on ebay!!  She just saved me money!  (Don’t tell her, she’ll want a cut of it!)

Check back soon for how to finish your UFO quilt blocks using quilt as you go, with videos and all, so go find those blocks, and we’ll get them quilted together!

(Okay, DON’T tell Sarah, but I just bid on some more blocks on ebay!   Ssshhhhhhhhhhh!)

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  1. Sarah Raffuse says:

    HEY! Don’t you have some of my tops you could be quilting instead of buying more UFO’s?? If you needed more unfinished blocks you should have just said so! There’s plenty more where those came from!

  2. Erla says:

    just dropped by to say HI =) found your website trough LEARN-2-QUILT.com, I love your video on you-tube,great video-big help =)

  3. Marguerita says:

    Hehehehe! I won the auction and I have my eye on a few more blocks 🙂

    Thank you Erla! Let me know if there are other techniques you would like to see demonstrated 🙂