Bunny Update

bunniesMy friend Ferne reminded me that I haven’t posted about the bunnies lately – thanks for the reminder Ferne!

We have more bunnies.  Our neighbors called a few weeks ago and said that they were rescuing some baby bunnies that had been separated from their mother by someone who traps the rabbits and takes them far away and releases them.  This jerk (I wrote dumbshit but took it out) took a female rabbit 10 miles away and a few days later found out that there was a litter.  She just figured on letting them die.

My neighbor Jean decided otherwise.

Jena called Tom and I to ask what the baby bunnies needed to survive.  We gave her some supplies, lots of advice and offered to help.  Jean kept them for about 5 weeks and then ran out of room and time (travel away from home) so we took them in.  Tom build a pen in the back yard, away from the roof construction, gave them an old truck canopy to hide under, and they have been in bunny heaven ever since!  Bunnies LOVE dandilions and rasberry leaves and they have been pigging out on that plus pellet food, frolicking and playing, hiding and sleeping.

Jean still visits them and brings them treats  🙂  There are three white ones and one tan one.

And, such a happy ending, I recently bumped into my two favorite tan bunnies on 4th Avenue as I walked to work – it was such a treat to see them again because I had not seen them for 3 weeks and I was afraid that they’d been trapped or killed AND last night my favorite black bunny (he’s very old and not healthy) stopped by for some carrots and pellets!  What a great day.

doneOh, and the roof is DONE!

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  1. Tina says:

    I love the bunny story! We just found out we have a wild bunny family that set up house in our back yard. They are so much fun to watch.


  2. Fern Reed says:

    I love all animals!!! Love bunnies very much too! When I lose my dog ( she is 11 and 7 months old,) I an thinking very strong about bunnies. I know that I am not suppose to feed the wild animals, but when I moved here 40 years ago my neighbor was feeding the raccoons and the possums. He moved away 30 years ago.
    I have been feeding then ever since. I have seven fresh water containers out side that I clean and put fresh water out every day of the year, rain or cold or what. In the summer the coons get fresh water two times everyday.They get very hot and like to sit in the cool water. I name them and they come when called.
    Marguerita, love the new roof!! Pretty!! Ferne

  3. Jean says:

    Long time no see! I forgot to update my blog with your new one! Hop on over to my blog and see what I whipped up last night. Having surgery Monday (back) will be out of commission for awhile! Love the bunnies and I am so glad you didn’t write dumbshit in your blog! 🙂

  4. Marguerita says:

    Hi you guys!! Tina, we are going to give the bunnies all the back yard now and see how things go.

    Hi Fern, yes it is hard to not feed them all! There are so many in my neighborhood and now we have 4 more….oh well 🙂 I like to put out water for them too, especially when it’s been very dry.

    Jean, I read up on you regularly, just don’t comment much 🙂 You cracked me up!! Wishing you speedy recovery on your surgery and I’ll try to help with the naming. Wishing you the best, Marguerita