Updated demo video

I updated the video that shows the Crazy Shortcut Quilts demo. I finally got Sarah to film some footage (talk about pulling teeth!) and so I re-did the whole thing.

Originally, all the videos were supposed to be “just for fun” and I had planned on taking a few comments and then re-doing them. Well, 5,000 views later (on some of them!!) I am just getting there. I had no idea that YouTube was so popular!

So, if you want to see Sarah in action, go take a look at the newly uploaded demo and if you look carefully, you can see that I also uploaded an “out takes” video too. We do have some laughs while we are making the vids.

Do you have vids? Or favorites on YouTube? I’d love to see them! Post a comment and share ….

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  1. Deb H says:

    Very nice job ladies! You did great! Much better than I could do. I freeze up when a camera gets pointed at me!

  2. Rannyjean says:

    Great job you two!

  3. MMM says:

    You know, it really is fun and I bet that *both* of you two could make some really great videos! C’mon, it’s easy and rewarding! Join me over on YouTube!