Seward in August

Some photos I’ve take recently. Tom came home briefly, bringing the jitney in. This photo was taken about about nine or nine thirty at night.

Earlier that same day a cruise ship left port. Notice the fireweed? The story goes that when the fireweed is done blooming, two weeks later it will snow.

Today the silver salmon must be jumping right off this side of the bay because the fishing boats moved over here, at the end of our street. In the distance are the lights of a tender coming in from Prince William Sound with pink salmon for the cannery.

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    wow .. must say , the pics are totally gorgeous

  2. Granny's Closet says:

    Love the pictures and I hear you about the fireweed…I am not looking forward to see it not blooming, after this wet and cool summer. I just wonder what winter will bring us.

  3. Myra says:

    Beautiful photos! Cruise ship and all… Wow! I hope to make it to Alaska one day… in my retirement. 😎

  4. Colleen formerly of South Africa says:

    Wonderful photos. Really love the blog.