Empty Nest

At what point does “whew, I am so glad I don’t have to clean up after them anymore!” turn to “Oh, how I miss the pitter patter of their little feet…”?

My answer – -‘not yet’! LOL 🙂 Hehehehe

The baby bunnies went back to their outside home, as healthy as I can get them, my 22 month old granddaughter is home in Anchorage after spending the weekend with me and Tom is fishing in Homer (a long way away). I am……home alone!

Let’s see if I can finally be productive. You should see my ‘to do’ list. I was remembering quilts that I need to finish in my sleep last night. Then there’s some painting I’ve been putting off, cleaning out more stash, scanning photos & backing up computers….

My little helper got me started yesterday before she left….

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  1. Granny's Closet says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we can have lists that never seem to end! Well–good luck on the bunnies. Looks like you have a wonderful helper!

  2. Crazy Creek says:

    My lists are always too long and my time too short, especially when my husband is out of town!