Booties Part Three

I was in Anchorage for a few days and I spent some time with Audrey. I brought up a small bucket of the things she’s used to playing with when she is with me, and here’s how that went:

She dove into the bucket, first after her necklaces and then ended up dumping the whole bucket onto the coffee table. Then she went for the purse – and she knew exactly what she was fishing around for in there – her cell phone. No, she doesn’t have her own phone at the tender age of 1, I just slipped one of non-functioning phones that we have in the house that haven’t been recycled yet.

She grabs that thing every time and flings it right into place and wanders around jabbering at the top of her lungs. It’s hysterical. Especially when she gets her arms going – I can tell that her mother must gesture a lot when she’s on the phone.

I finally talked her into trying on the booties (way too big – what a surprise – lol) and she liked them. After a while she tossed them aside for the bigger version. I am afraid of taking her shoe shopping now….. what have I started?

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  1. Granny's Closet says:

    Isn’t it amazing how fast they pick up the phone thing. I remember when our granddaughter at the age of 2, she had a purse on her shoulder and the cell phone in the purse and walked around and talked on her phone. She already knew what to do at age 2. Must be a gene that all women have and they left it out on the men

  2. MMM says:

    That phone thing just cracks me up every single time. And if the real phone rings, she stops in her tracks, like the call is *just what she’s been waiting for!* hehehehe

  3. swooze says:

    Cute! Just wait till she is 13!

  4. MMM says:

    OMG! I laughed until I had tears at just the thought of it! I can just imagine – “wait gramma, I haven’t tried them *all* on yet!”…..