Cure for Thread Backlash

I was having a heck of a time with my decorative stitching and thread backlash in the bobbin. I thought it was the thread (no) the stitch (no) and finally just assumed that the timing was off on the sewing machine (no).

I can’t say I know what caused the problem, but I do know what backlash is: bobbin thread whipping backwards in the bobbin case & either bunching up or creating huge globs of thread clusters on the back of the fabric or quilt or winding itself onto the bobbin spring and shredding.

I had read a while ago about a teflon ring that was being sold as a ‘cure’ for backlash and in desperation, I cut a corner off my teflon pressing sheet and trimmed it to fit the bobbin case and guess what? No more backlash and I have been happily stitching ever since! Now, cutting up the pressing pad was an act of desperation – the teflon rings are available at quilt shops and online at Keepsake Quilting. But, if you’re desperate for a solution and don’t want to wait…….

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  1. SandyQuilts says:

    I read over at about using parchment paper to make them. Hole punch the center out. Then soak the paper in the tinest bit of oil in a shot glass and wipe off the excess oil.. She said she puts a new one in each day.

    I haven’t tried it myself yet.

  2. MMM says:

    Thanks Sandy! That sounds like it would work just as well as the teflon.

  3. Granny's Closet says:

    Thanks for the tip–I have had backlash and it is not good.

  4. Diane says:

    Gosh, Marguerita, I thought I was using thread that was too “springy” and thick in the bobbin. I’ll try your technique. I had abandoned those tricky spools. They were a thicker Gutterman. I replaced them with a Sulky bobbin thread and don’t have trouble with that at all.

  5. Deb H says:

    I’ve done the same thing with just a piece of fabric, & it helps, but still get the backlash sometimes. I’ll have to try Teflon. Thanks!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think you may have saved me a lot of money in sewing machine servicing. I have 8 machines now, and I am am trying to get them all up and running smoothly for our girl scout group to work together. One of the things that can surely frustrate a new sewer, as well as the rest of us, are those darn nests of bobbin thread on the back; not to mention the do-over. I just found you today on “You Tube”, regarding the Table, loved that too.

  7. MMM says:

    Hi, take a look also at my video about always bringing up the bobbin thread. If you are the first sewing teacher those girl scouts have, they will thank you forever for teaching them that good habit! Wishing you the best, Marguerita